Say goodbye to mountains of wrinkled clothing


The basket of clean linen is overflowing, and you know it’s time to fold out the ironing board, wait for the iron the heat up and then iron on your feet for hours on end.

Not anymore! Elnapress can free you from that pile of clothes in just a few seconds: sweaters, t-shirts, dress shirts, skirts, table clothes and bedsheets.

With the Model 850 and Model 450 presses, you can iron up to 6 layers with a single motion: the surface of the heating plate is 10 times greater than a normal iron and your garments will come out perfectly ironed and folded in a single action.


Say goodbye to spending hours on your feet, with Elnapress you can do it all sitting down! Thanks to the ironing board made in wood layers, the heat never passes beyond the board and that means you can work on any surface, even on a crystal tabletop.

You can finally spend your free time doing what you really want to do, not what you have to do.

Recommended models

For those of you who’re always in a hurry, Elnapress recommends the Model 850 and the Model 450: the best in technology for garment care with electronic or semi-electronic temperature and program settings according to the type of fabric.