Discover a new way to iron

What is it?

Elnapress is an iron press that takes full advantage of the power of Natural Vapor and materials like Finnish birch and Swedish pine. Thanks to its heating plate and automatic pressure, you can iron every kind of fabric and garment with extraordinary results and a minimum of effort.

How does it work?

It lets you iron all types of clothing and apparel: from pants, shirts, t-shirts to pleated skirts.

Lay the wrinkled garment onto the ironing board, lower the heating plate and let the natural vapor, pressure and heat of Elnapress work its magic. In just a few seconds, your clothing will be ironed and ready to go.

Press up to 6 layers at the same time and with a single action

The heating plate distributes the heat evenly thanks to the unique quality of its aluminum alloy material, its multiple heat diffusers and its reinforced, enameled structure.

The Natural Vapor generated by the Vapojet system provides impeccable ironing that also protects the fabric, rejuvenates fibers and exalts its colors. Your clothes will last even longer!

Advantages over traditional ironing

  • • The surface of the plate is 10 times greater than a normal iron
  • Iron bedsheets and table clothes in just a few seconds thanks to its elevated heat
  • Press up to 6 layers at the same time and with a single action
  • Iron sitting down, when and wherever you want
  • It’s so easy you’ll forget you ever used a traditional iron
  • Professional dry-cleaning and ironing results. your clothes will be ready for your wardrobe
  • You’ll have more time for yourself and your interests

Maybe you don’t know, but the press:

is easy

It’s the only press with two grips to make it easy to use. Thanks to its convenient digital and manual power buttons you’ll be ironing in just a few, short minutes.

It's practical

You don’t need a dedicated workstation because it’s a compact and integrated system (board and iron together). You can iron several layers of garments, saving time and energy. It takes up very little space and stows away like a small suitcase: with Elnapress you can iron whenever and wherever you want

Is safe and solid

Elnapress is made with the highest quality materials and equipped with automatic safety systems. Thanks to its base, which never heats up, you can iron on all kinds of surfaces. It doesn’t require any special maintenance and can last a lifetime!