What kind of fabrics can I use with Elnapress?

Any kind of fabric.
Setting the temperature and varying the pressure will let you iron garments as delicate as wool sweaters without worrying about them getting ruined over time.

Does Elnapress produce vapor?

It produces vaporized water on the fabric with the help of Vapojet and a spray that then transforms into natural vapor upon contact with the heating plate. The vapor regenerates the fabric fibers deep down and guarantees impeccable results.

Do I need to use distilled water with the Vapojet?

No. Vapojet can be used with simple, cold water from the tap.
The water isn’t heated, so there are no limestone deposits.

Is it possible to iron shirts, pleated pants and bedsheets with Elnapress?

Yes. Elnapress was designed to iron fabrics and garments of all shapes and sizes (it’s possible to press up to six layers of fabric at a time). A wide range of accessories are also available to help you in your ironing.

Can buttons or zippers damage the Elnapress heating plate?

No. Buttons, zippers or other decorative elements adhere perfectly to the foam padding of the ironing board without damaging or deteriorating it.

Does Elnapress polish fabric?

No. The polishing of fabrics is created by the movement of the iron while Elnapress irons garments through pressure. The Elnapress technique significantly reduces wear..

Does Elnapress save time in comparison with traditional ironing?

Yes. The surface of the Elnapress heating plate is ten times higher than a traditional iron and therefore much more efficient. The worktop in this way is multiplied. The 45 kg of automatic pressure make for quicker ironing with better results in a single movement.

Which Elnapress models have the Jeannette Intégrée sleeve board?

The small sleeve board is found on the Model 250, the large version on the Model 450 and both sizes are included in the Model 850.

Is the integrated light available on all Elnapress models?

No. The integrated light is only available on the Model 850, enabling optimal lighting regardless of the illumination in the room you are working.

How heavy are the presses?

Depending on the model, an Elnapress weighs between 10.5 and 12 kg.

How much space does it take up?

Elnapress is the size of a small suitcase. Once it’s closed, it can fit easily onto a shelf or inside of a closet.

How much energy does Elnapress consume?

The energy consumption of an Elnapress is less than a normal iron. The press uses from 600 to 800 watts, depending on the type of ironing done.

What products can I use to clean and maintain the Elnapress heating plate?

To clean the heating plate, you must only use original Elnapress products: the cleaning stick and/or a special oil. Contact the authorized Elnapress reseller nearest to you.

Does Elnapress come with a warranty? If so, for how long?

Elnapress has a 2-year guarantee (1-year in Australia).

My press isn’t working correctly. What should I do?

Check the instruction manual to see if you’re following the correct procedure for turning on, selecting the program, selecting ironing programs and deactivation. If the problem continues, contact the authorized Elnapress reseller nearest to you.