Creativity needs warmth


Give free rein to your passion and create any decoration you’d like on your garments!

Small patchwork jobs are no longer a problem: you can easily manage the transfers, prints, stickers, rhinestones, stencils, fabric stabilizers, labels and anything else can you dream of, all in the comfort of your chair at home.


There’s no danger of damaging the machine by applying different items: the pressure makes decorations perfectly adhere to the padding of the ironing board.

If you’re in a hurry, you can press up to 6 layers in a single movement (for bedsheets or tablecloths), getting perfectly ironed fabric that’s folded and ready for the wardrobe.

Recommended models

With the Elnapress Model 250 and Model 150, carry out creative jobs in safety and with precision: Elnapress has 50kg of pressure and a surface area 10 times greater than a normal iron, and this guarantees perfect control and stability. The manual temperature setting allows you to work on different kinds of fabrics.