Crazy about order:
finally, the solution for you!


Do you love precision and detail? Maybe you like to organize your shirts by color in your wardrobe?

Elnapress can help bring out the perfectionist in you!

It’s a professional iron press that you can use whenever you want, which guarantees the best for your garments as if you’d picked them up from the drycleaner.


The shirt cuffs are perfect, the bedsheets and table clothes ironed and folded with a single movement thanks to multi-layer ironing. The natural vapor effect and the press reinvigorate the fabrics and your garments come out smooth and revitalized.

Your wardrobe will once again become the home of tidiness and organization.

Recommended models

Elnapress recommends the Model 850, the highest expression of technological development for your garments: it is entirely electronic and includes the integrated Vapojet system, two interchangeable Jeannette sleeve boards and integrated LED lights.

With the Optimal Temperature system, you can iron garments with different types of fabric without worrying about changing the temperature setting.