The first iron press in the world

Brand Leader since 1972


Elnapress invented the first iron press in 1972. It has been the worldwide brand leader in press production ever since. It is Swiss production combined with Italian design and manufacturing at their finest.

We’ve created a new way of ironing.
Thanks to the quality of the materials and the reliability of our presses, we’ve had more than 45 years of experience and success all over the world.

We seek to improve the lives and well-being of people.
Investments in research and development and painstaking attention at every phase of production have allowed us to register numerous patents, enhancing the efficiency and quality of our product.

Safety and quality


Quality control is the driving force behind the Elnapress.
All of our products are built by hand, following strict guidelines and scrupulous controls of all of the components utilized. Each press is subjected to three levels of compliance control during the construction, assembly and delivery phases.

This allows Elnapress to reach high standards of safety and quality and to obtain certificates of compliance in every country in the world, including those with extremely strict regulatory controls

Thanks to its high quality and reliability, Elnapress is the only press recognized by important associations such as the Unione Italian Ciechi e Ipovedenti (Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired) for its level of safety and ease of use for the visually impaired



Our presses are environmentally friendly.

One iron press consumes less than any traditional iron on the market, guaranteeing 75% less energy consumption. Elnapress is also 95% more silent than the main compact irons.