What is it?

The exclusive Vapojet system is a separate section of the machine that sprays simple tap water onto the garment. The Vapojet system is or can be integrated on all Elnapress models: Model 850 series, Model 450, Model 250, and Model 150 (optional).

How does it work?

Tap water is poured into the Vapojet compartment, its position was designed to attract heat and its construction materials do the same. Inside the Vapojet compartment, the water is naturally heated. It does not exceed 65°/70°C (avoiding limestone buildup). It is then ready to be vaporized directly onto the garment. Once the heating plate and the natural materials of the board come into contact with the fabric, natural vapor is generated directly inside the fibers, regenerating them natural vapor is generated directly inside the fibers, regenerating them.

Why use it?

The Vapojet system guarantees impeccable results. It carries out deep fiber regeneration, giving each garment a shine and natural softness that keeps it from aging.

Ironing board

The form was designed specifically to facilitate ironing. The eleven alternating layers of Finnish birch and Swedish pine make this ironing board one-of-a-kind.

Its unique combination of features naturally recreates heating, suction and blowing.

Models 250, 450 and 850 have cushioned boards to simplify the positioning and ironing of garments.

Heating plate

Made from a special alloy in Peraluman, the plate has a thickness of 3mm and is completely non-stick. The heat is evenly distributed along the entire heating surface thanks to the 2mm diffuser inside of it.

The heating plate is equipped with two exclusive enameled, reinforced and practically indestructible resistors. The Model 850 is also equipped with a tested support in Teflon.

Jeannette sleeve board

What is it?

It’s an exclusive horizontally pivoted component incorporated into the machine that is open on both sides It guarantees maximum freedom of movement. There are two versions of the sleeve board (small and large)

How does it work?

The Jeannette Intégrée sleeve board can be easily operated however and whenever you want. With a simple rotation while lifting the sleeve board, the central board is lowered. This facilitates ironing of areas that are particularly difficult for traditional irons to reach.

In the Model 850. the large and small versions of the Jeannette Intégrée Sleeve Board can be easily removed and attached thanks to a new interchanging system.

Why use it?

Thanks to its technical characteristics (it is constructed with a special aluminum alloy and steel) and its unique shape, the Jeannette Intégrée sleeve board replaces and improves on the tip of a traditional iron.